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This weekend I was doing my best to try not to spend any money - we have some trips coming up and I want to have a decent supply of spending cash for those! But alas, the weather was beautiful, and once I got out of the house it was ON! Errands took us up North on Niagara Falls blvd, and it popped in my head that I still hadn't been to the new Woodcock Brothers Brewery! Walmart can wait - let's check this place out!

It would be about this point in the blog where I would start getting into a huge history lesson about the Wurlitzer building and how awesome it is, and what it stood for and why this location is special. I would also get on a soap box and tell you why Buffalonian should feel excited that life is being breathed back into this building and get sentimental about the name Wurlitzer..  I just don't have the time or dedication to do the research and make sure that my comments are correct - maybe we'll come back around to this tid-bit. If you're interested, probably tons of facts online - go for it.

So here we go -!

Yes, the building is massive.

And pretty neat

Tons of parking should this location get pushed to its fullest potential..

No Woodcock Brothers does not occupy the entire space - there are a couple other businesses rockin' in here.


Woodcock is actually around the side of the building, almost in its own separate building, behind the main portion.

Yep they're brewing beer on the premise!

Great little back alley they could have a nice little outdoor event out here!

I didn't get a ton of pictures on the inside because we got seated in an area that was almost a separate dining area, but I got these pics!

Cool lights!  (they're hops)

Nice tables

They could use some help with the menus..  never really a big fan of the clip board of a ton of sheets of stuff.

Here are some menu pics!

Beer list:

Pub Grub:


Burgers and salads


And wood fired pizzas!

see what I mean about a clip board of papers? We had them spread out on the table and I felt like I was in a damn business meeting!

Believe it or not I didn't get any pictures of the beer. How stupid is that?

But I had their Sweet Sweet Haze IPA which was very good - well balanced.

And I also had the Professor C Bananaweisen, which I thought was actually very tasty. I like Hefes, and as advertised, the hint of chocolate really elevated the beer. Very good.

Now let's talk about the Prime Rib Sandwich I got....

What in the F!

That's right, they just lobbed a 14 oz steak right off the roast and popped it on my sandwich and covered it in melted cheese!

just look at that! (from the bottom)

And it was nice and rare too!

Very tasty - rosemary and fatty and a definite commitment. Erica had the cajun chicken alfredo zoodles and she loved them!

Definitely a family friendly vibe, I would have liked to have sat at the bar for a little bit and take it in for a while, but we had other things to do that day! So much for not spending cash, but I'll definitely go back for food and drinks!

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