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Buffalo, NY

I'm from Buffalo, NY - a city that's back on the rise and gaining national attention again. I enjoy Buffalo - snow and all. There's plenty to do in this town, including drinking til 4am! But it's more than just a drinking town now; the food, the festivals and events, the hidden gems hiding in plain sight - I will do my best to showcase what life is like in this "All-America" city.

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Fire & Smoke

I've been grilling on a charcoal Weber Classic since I was 9 years old. The old man taught me how to build a fire, and I was eventually dubbed the grill master of the family. I'll do my best to pass some of this knowledge on to you, share my projects to inspire you, and convince you that cooking with fire is awesome.

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Drink up !

One of my biggest passions is drinking. I know how that sounds, but I'm done with the college days of drinking to the point of getting sick. I have come to really love the tasting and enjoyment of all types of beers, wines and liquor. This has also led me down a path of producing my own beverages for consumption, and I will share the knowledge I've gained along the way with you.

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