Texas Twinkies

Before I get into this post, I just want to share a picture of what I think to be the perfect sandwich!

Yes - Point smoked brisket, mild cheddar and pickle on a toasted brioche roll - talk about delicious.

Yes, over the holiday weekend, I did a brisket (surprise surprise) and it came out awesome - I actually went against everything I've been taught, and cooked it at an average of 285 degrees. It was done and ready to eat in under 12 hours -  it was great to not feel totally disheveled the next day by staying up all night to bring this thing to temp.

Needless to say, just as planned, I had some leftovers - despite my attempts to lure friends to my house to help me eat this thing right after it was done resting, they all turned me down - oh well!

So what can you do with leftover brisket? There is seriously nothing you CANT do with leftover brisket. But there was a post on the internet the other day that I just couldn't ignore...

My friend/coworked posted this, and I immediately commented 'I gotta do this' - he agreed. Others agreed as well.

So that was my motivation behind cooking the brisket this past weekend - so I could deliver the famous Texas Twinkie!

First I scoped out a recipe:

I didn't follow the recipe for cooking the brisket, I just did my normal brisket routine, and saved a fat chunk of point for this project.

The only real critical advice from the above recipe is how to cut and prep the jalapenos. I had never done them this way, but it makes total sense! Especially when they're big bastards like these!

The next step is to drop a fat dollop of cream cheese in the bottom.

Then, going against my better judgement, I chopped up the brisket using my dope Shun knife that my brother and his wife got me! I love that thing!

It's almost sad seeing all that perfect point brisket in a chopped up pile - slices of point are to die for, and make killer sandwiches and snackin'.

Time to fill up the rest of the jalaps.

Then, of course, you wrap them in bacon.

Then I cooked for the suggested 30 minutes, but they were nowhere near as done as I would have wanted them, so I set the timer for another 30 minutes. Maybe the person who wrote the recipe was using baby jalapenos - these were monsters.

At about 15 minutes left in the 2nd half hour, I dropped a fat pour of bbq sauce on each and let it caramelize a little on the bacon!

And wallah - Texas Twinkies.

Oh yeah - let's get a good look at one!

Let's get an even better look at one and cut it in half!

Oh wow! So good!

I regret not cooking them in the smoker to pack even more smoked flavor to these, but when I ate more today, I was totally fine with them like this! Delicious - you need to try these!!!


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