Dash’s on Hertel Finally Open!


It feels like the corner of Starin and Hertel has been under construction for eons, but the new Dash's Marketplace has opened!  I actually was driving to work when the news was there for the ribbon cutting!

I was very tempted to give a little 'let's go Buffalo' tap on the horn, but the Mrs talked me out of it,  and hey - they had flowers for sale right on the curb!

Just like when Wholefoods opened up, getting anywhere near the place was impossible for the first 2 weeks of opening. You had to be brave, and I was not feeling like fighting crowds or traffic, so we waited a couple weeks to check it out.

And here's the new Dash's Marketplace!

First take - It's essentially a normal Dash's, but a lot bigger.

The aisles are still just a little too small, and the prices are about 20% higher or so above the major supermarket chains. But Dash's has a leg up by being a little smaller, and getting into the neighborhoods. You pass a Dash's when you're heading to a major supermarket, you pass a Dash's on your way home - they're convenient. But if you pay attention, you can find some decent deals, and their meat counter is pretty impressive actually.

And if you're looking for some Surf to go with your Turf, this new place's seafood counter is pretty dialed in! check out the lobster tails in the bottom right corner there! they have to be over 2 pounders!

And what the heck - they have a goddamn artist working that deli counter!  Just look at those stacks!

They have beer, so that's good.

And a bunch of prepared foods!

check out this pizza and soup setup!

holy oven!

And they have dessert and coffee covered too.

Notice how they put the M&M covered stuff at the bottom so the little kids see it and the cannolis at top so the parents see them - that's some smart arrangement there, don't think I don't see what you're up to Dash.

But wait - there's more! there's a whole upstairs to this place!

Nice elevator shaft!

Nice little 'spy zone' too!

And when you get to the top? It's a huge area to sit and relax, and enjoy some of the fresh made food they have for sale - probably wifi, and lots of seating!

It also has an outdoor seating area where you can soak up the view of Deep South Taco Hertel, as well as other hustle and bustle you might find on Hertel - super cool!

But wait - what's this, a long hall that goes to bathrooms, but keeps going?  what's at the end of this hall ?

Some kind of room you can rent out!

I would love to throw a party here - I wonder what it costs!  I'll find out...!

Overall, very impressive new place! I will definitely be back to grab some Prime Strip steaks and some lobsters when I'm feeling good about it!  Yes, Dash's is a little overpriced when compared to other major competition, but this new marketplace is a great move for the growth of Hertel ave, and I look forward to seeing Hertel develop - I would love to see a brewery show up !


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