New Thin Man Brewery!

15 years ago, the biggest thing happening on the corner of Grant and Military was Showplace Theater - a great venue for seeing bands, drinking miller highlife tall boys, and going home reeking like reefer after all was said and done. Not sure what happened to that place, but now the area is back on the rise. With a Wegmans and tons of clutch places to eat and drink right around the corner, Buffalo Developers made some moves and created what is being dubbed "Chandlerville" -

They are still removing rubble and cleaning shit up, but Chandler street is on the rise, and if you haven't heard that yet, you heard it here! Along with great 'hip' office space, there are huge plans of a 'Beach/Pool' club with outdoor bars, a huge graffiti courtyard for chillin out heavy, a cider house for drinking killer local cider and last but not least - Tappo and Thin Man Brewery have launched Thin Man's 2nd brew house, and it's LEGIT!

Just for reference - and if you head over to Chandlerville, have this image burned in your brain, so you can appreciate what's been happening over there...  Chandler street used to look liked this:

Trendy brewery experience? probably not..   Underground fight club, or Hostel sequel film location? Maybe...

Now Look at al these cars ---  they're here for something!

Ah yes, the patented yellow chairs -  you know you're at Thin Man, when you see yellow chairs!

Oh MAN! look at the size of this brew setup! So shiny and new!

Here we go inside! wow- what a place - nice industrial vibe!

Beautiful tap array:

Lets get a look at the menus:

And Tappo's offerings!  by the way, there's a huge pizza oven in here, and they're doing it up serious!

But first some beers!

Super hazy DIPA for me, and a 'minkey boodle' sour for the Mrs.

Lots of big murals for the ladies to stand in front of - oh wait -that's me!

DJ Cutler spinning REAL vinyl - no CD's or MP3's, this is vinyl action like the old days!  Note, Tappo and it's brick oven(s) in the background!

What a killer venue. There's apparently an upstairs you can rent out for weddings/private parties - My buds are getting married next year and they're locked in! can't wait!

Let's look at some of the food!

Wings: OK  garlic parm needed more garlic..  but they were crispy and delicious.

6 dollars worth of olives! Score!

Caesar Salad looked damn good too!


Oh and YO they have a whole 'game zone' !  I don't see Bubble Hockey yet - but there must be room for it somewhere over here!

And hiding in the background of that pic is the new monster brewery with room to grow!  simply MASSIVE!

We had a great time, My buds actually live 5 minutes on FOOT from this place - very dangerous!  Looking forward to more trips over there!

Blackbird cider hall -  I can't wait to get in there!

And the Grafitti wall courtyard is really coming together!  I think they had a launch party last weekend! totally cool - maybe I'll make something over there some day!

What a great development - in a hidden neighborhood of my favorite city!

Go check it out!


Also..  get yourself some of that 1000 day gouda from Trader Joe's before it's all gone for the season - so good.




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