Broadway Market 2019

Maybe you did, maybe you didn't read my 'Broadway Market Holiday Survival Guide' from Easter 2017. It's ok if you didn't - but Easter 2019 just happened, and you know damn well that I went to the Market. We went day before Easter, around 2pm - this is honestly our MO, and while you may not get 'holiday' sausage, the regular is there and it's fine. The reason we go that late is because all the grandmas have gotten their easter supplies and the crowd is easily half of what you'd expect to find on good Friday. Did I do my exact plan from my survival guide? No, but I did enough.

Let's get into it!

Butter Lambs - CHECK!

Looking at dope Eggs - CHECK!

Horseradish - CHECK!

Testing Alcoholic beverages - CHECK!  (lol, Dyngus Reserve.. ! )

Looking at Polish Pride stuff - CHECK!

Amazing baked action: CHECK!

Snackin' up a Hot Cider Donut: CHECK!

Crushing a polish platter from Pott's - CHEEEECK!

Now time for the meatcounter: Plenty of Polish Sausage left! CHECK!

But hold on a second..   what's this?

PRIME RIB FOR $6 a POUND?   are you kidding me?! dammit I literally bought one the day before!!

Another meatcounter had these beauties, and my inner meat enthusiast just couldn't handle it any more!!!

So I bought one.

I took it and immediately busted it into 3 giant steaks and hit them with some rosemary marjoram, garlic, salt and pepper - copious amounts!

Then you know what happened next:

Dinner one:

Mashed potatoes, half a huge steak, and roasted asperagus and carrots!

Dinner 2:

Grilled shishitos and mushrooms, mushroom spaetzl (aldi) and half a huge steak - all covered in blue cheese crumbles!

The quality on that meat was delightful for $5.99/pound..

I think I need to shop at the market on non-holidays to see what's going on there! If there are deals like these to be had?  DAMN!

2 thoughts on “Broadway Market 2019”

  1. Visited Broadway Market anticipating gluten free treats and I was not disappointed! Whether you are vegan, gluten free or just looking for good food Broadway Market is the place to visit!

    1. It’s true! There is a little something there for everyone! I’m not sure when you went, but during the holidays it is awesome!

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